About Abiligroup

Abiligroup was formed by Andrew Onacko and Roy F Coutinho as a vehicle for taking to market new businesses and services.

As entrepreneurs with proven track records in IT, Sales and General Management, Roy and Andrew are constantly seeking new business ideas and ventures that fulfil a particular gap, or niche.

Photograph of Andrew Onacko in a grey suit

Andrew Onacko – Director

Andrew Onacko is a serial entrepreneur. His background is in Managed Services where he amassed a detailed understanding of company restructuring and technology integrations.

In 1999 Andrew formed Abilitec, a provider of IT Operations management solutions, and in 2004 founded software development company Abilisoft, to complement the Abilitec business. Abilitec was subsequently acquired by Innovise plc in 2007.

In 2013 Andrew and Roy joined forces to develop and add to the growing stable of Abiligroup brands.

Roy F Coutinho – Director

Roy has considerable international big ticket sales experience, taking responsibility for making the difference to the bottom line.

Roy’s first business was an IT services business for which he orchestrated a lucrative exit to a competitor.

In addition Roy had been responsible for taking a dot.com business from launch to a sale to RBS and overseeing the development of an 8,000-seat call centre operation, which was subsequently sold to an international call centre operator.

It has been recognised that it is their combined skills and talents that give Abiligroup the edge.

Image of Roy F Coutinho in a dark grey pin-stripped suit